Becoming a Mother

by Fuensi Carnerero February 09, 2016

“When life changes and becomes difficult, change yourself and become stronger.”

My intention was to write a post about one of our products this morning, but as I began to write, I changed my mind. I felt that in my first post, I was missing something really important...the essence and purpose of my new project, babymaC, which has stemmed and developed from my life these last five years since moving to the UK.

Within five months after arriving in UK I got pregnant. I was 36 years old and my husband and I were very happy and excited with the idea of having a baby...but nothing can prepare you for MOTHERHOOD...the biggest sacrifice and most difficult job I have ever faced in my life. It is something you can't understand until it happens to you! 

My son, Mac, was born February 6th, 2012 and since that time I have devoted myself to him and raising him as a 'Stay-at-home-Mum.' As Mac has gotten older, I began to feel bad, personally frustrated, because my life has been reduced to housework, caring for my son, and in my opinion, nothing more. Being foreign and not having friends to go out for a drink and disconnect with (we all know that the best therapy in the world is to hang out with friends - it should be prescribed by doctors! :-)), not speaking English very well (it still remains virtually unchanged), and not working and earning my own money (I am an Economist and have always worked and been independent) had me feeling like I had failed somehow in my life. Having these thoughts brought on guilt, making me feel like a bad mother for thinking that my life was ruined, simply for having become a mother. I can assure you that one of the worst feelings you can have is to think that your son is responsible for your personal life being a mess.

After much reflection, I decided I had to find a job and try to channel my life again. My son began to go to nursery and I sought a job which would allow me to socialise, and ultimately, get my personal and professional life back. I sent out many resumes, but didn't get any was exhausting! How difficult things are for women sometimes! I tried to return to work after having been looking after my 3-year-old son, but no one wanted to give me a chance.

Given all this, I had two options: accept that I had failed professionally, or deal with the situation and find an alternative ending. I chose the latter, and the result was to create my own business, babymaC! I can honestly say that this new business has given me a new lease on life... because a life without hope and without projects is not a life I wanted to live. 

Finally, I want to send a message to all mothers who feel or have felt at some time frustrated like I was...Motherhood is extremely difficult, but we must not forget that we all have wants and needs, and every person deserves to feel important...we are not machines!

Simply put, Ladies, we must be STRONG. What I have said above does not change or mean that my son is not the light of my life.

I love you Mac!

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So I want to end this post with the earlier saying:

“When life changes and becomes difficult, change yourself and become stronger.”

In my blog I want to talk not only about our products, but also of personal experiences and what it means to be a Mother.

I want to thank my husband for his support!

Also thanks to Olivia for helping me to translate these feelings in a proper English.

See you soon!



Fuensi Carnerero
Fuensi Carnerero


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