“Behind each single name…“ Manuela.

by Fuensi Carnerero March 16, 2016

Today I want to tell you about our dresses. I have a son, I love boys, but in regards to clothing, girls dresses are my weakness. When I buy dresses for our shop I really enjoy it as I imagine how I would like to dress my daughter for different occasions if I had one. That's why we have different styles, elegant and casual ....

My favourite dress is Manuela. When I saw it I decided to buy it because it was very much like the ones that my mother sewed for me when I was little. All my friends told me I was very lucky because my mother knew how to sew.

My mother’s name was Manuela so I decided to give that name to that dress to say thanks to her for each beautiful dress that she made for me. I thought that every dress would bear the name of each person who has supported us and helped us when we decided to start this adventure babymaC, I found it a nice way to thank them.

Therefore thanks to:

Manuela (Manuela dress),Rafael (Rafaela dress), Olivia (Oliva dress), Victor (Victoria dress), Carmen (Carmen dress), Rosa (Rosa dress), Loli (Dolores dress), Stevie (Stevie dress), , Maria (Maria dress), Esperanza (Esperanza dress), Diego (Mercedes dress), Marga (Margarita dress), Sophie (Sofia dress)

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I would like to propose something !!! The dresses in the new Spring/Summer collection have no names. The first person to buy a dress from the new collection can contact me to tell me what you want to call that dress and also pictures of a baby girl wearing the dress will be welcome.

I hope you like the idea and fellowship! “Because behind every name there are wonderful stories …”


Fuensi Carnerero
Fuensi Carnerero


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